Mike Szabo


Mike Szabo has spent his lifetime with a song in his heart and he has been singing them around campfires in Alberta since 1973 although, never his own.
Early in 2017 he stepped behind a microphone for the very first time and shortly thereafter, he finished writing his first song, a song he unknowingly started writing 7 years earlier when he was journaling through a tough time in his life.
After that, the songs began to come.
Slowly at first and then the dam burst, he is now nearing 100 with many more already in the works.
Mikes songs blend beautifully with his natural vocal abilities and audiences are finding themselves drawn to his music.
Music that speaks to them of life and the world around them.
More and more Mike is finding himself surrounded by highly skilled musicians that are eager to support him both on stage and in the studio.
You can find Mike headlining with The Heartbroke Heroes, performing in his duo ‘Clearwater’ with Curtis Phagoo and even performing in a father daughter songwriters duo with his Daughter Elyse as ‘Dos Szabos’.
Starting late in life and then getting stalled by the pandemic shutdowns, Mike has been working hard to catch up and has recently found his way onto both CKUA and CBC radio.
Mike currently has 16 tracks streaming, including the album ‘Take my Heart’ produced by Heath West at Melodious Design Recording, and his most recent EP ‘Rolling Home’ produced by Curtis Phagoo.
Work is in progress on the second studio album at Melodious Design Recording with the first single scheduled to be released in the summer of ‘24.
Mike was recently invited to perform at the 13th Annual Country Music Alberta Awards, songwriters showcase.
Now, he is eager to hit the road and explore the touring side of the music business.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Folk