Midnight Channel


In a region of Alberta where tradition meets innovation, Lethbridge-based Jazz collective Midnight Channel is inspired by the both spirits of classic free jazz pioneers (Sun Ra, Pharaoh Sanders) and modern contemporary jazz icons (Nate Smith, The Bad Plus). Their blend creates a sound unique to Southern Alberta.

Forming in 2022, Midnight Channel began between friends as an accompaniment to the beautiful landscape of the Nikko Yuko Japanese Gardens, but have since showcased their music around Alberta. Their compositions are intricate yet spontaneous, reflecting the essence of free jazz where the boundaries of traditional structure are shattered, giving way to raw, unfiltered expression.

Gemini Sunrise, their latest musical odyssey recorded live independently, paints a vivid sonic landscape that is as dark and tense as it is liberating and refreshing. The album’s tracklist reads like a manifesto of Midnight Channel’s multifaceted approach to music. The opening track, “Quick Blues,” sets the tone, with its haunting melodies, drawing listeners into the band’s enigmatic world. “Goose” alternates between modern jazz grooves and classic standard swing, and in “Pastel,” Midnight Channel pays homage to jazz’s classic standards, injecting them with contemporary spirit. Finally, the album culminates in the title track, “Gemini Sunrise,” a world-rhythm wonder that beckons the listener to explore, rejuvenate, and find inspiration in its mystical melodies and exploratory rhythms. While Gemini Sunrise is a milestone, it is only the beginning of their journey. Midnight Channel continues to write new songs, record, and captivate audiences with their live performances in Lethbridge and beyond.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Jazz



PHONE:  4037153213
EMAIL:  midnightchanneljazz@gmail.com