Mandy McMillan


Born in Alberta, Canada, Mandy McMillan has never known a moment when performing wasn’t her destined path and when musical storytelling wasn’t her chosen language. With a diverse musical personality that organically mixes a rock core with a contagious pop energy and sprinkled with country, Mandy’s open heart and love for people lights up her lyrics and live shows, allowing her to effortlessly form lasting connections with fans on stage or off.

McMillan spent 2019 in the studio in Nashville TN recording her new album and released her highly anticipated single “Dream Catcher” in Spring of 2020. This new release sets the tone of inspiration that Mandy takes with her on stage and off and is built to be a great opener for her new sound on this record. Mandy’s new album was released summer of 2022 and it continues to gain the attention of fans around the world!

A care free spirit with a gift for expressing life’s most honest moments though music, Mandy McMillan is the embodiment of hard work, dedication and pure talent.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Alternative