Liquor Mountain


With their feet on the ground and their toes in the mystic river, the cosmic cowboys of Liquor Mountain temper their alt-country leanings with a firm dose of rock & roll energy. Hailing from diverse acts in and around Calgary, members Danny Vescarelli (guitar/vox), Steve Rozitis (guitar/vox), Adam Kamis (bass) and Clayton Smith (drums) bring along a DIY aesthetic as they follow the time-honoured practice of forward-thinking bands bands taking a page from traditional music, blending a Western songwriting style with modern psych and garage to craft a synthesis of styles. With a handful of recently released singles and plans for a full-length album in the works, Liquor Mountain is primed to be the soundtrack for a whole plethora of foggy memories.

“Calgary’s Liquor Mountain have made the climb again… Up there, the air is thin and the stars are bright and the simple songs give way to psychedelia”


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Rock