Kyle Church


Kyle Church is an emerging singer songwriter from the prairies of Alberta, Canada. Influenced by writers like Jon Foreman, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors; Kyle is marked with a passion for telling the truth and finding the beauty woven into every person’s story. Kyle’s laid back personality translates smoothly to the “easy listening” nature of his music, and his storytelling at live shows is usually equally as light and humorous as it is deep and thought-provoking.

In early 2017, Kyle released his debut single, “Time to Be Found”, a playful song about a man on the run, followed by a 7 song EP entitled, “To Live Again” that explores the realities of life, death, and the redemption that can be found in between. Since that time, he has been playing shows in Western Canada and writing new music. In January of 2019, he released a brand new 10 song LP, entitled “Slow Down” and completed his first tour through Western Canada in May of 2019.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Singer/Songwriter