Kat Zel (of Rareflower Band)


Kat Zel lead singer of Rareflower Band is currently very active in the greater Edmonton area. Nominated for Edmonton Music Award 2018. Kat recently recorded a full album with her band. Due for release early 2019. Recently she won some single recordings at Battle of the Bands 2018. Towers and Lifeline were both recorded and are due for release December 2018. Per Rhea March of CJSR radio:
“Kat is a passionate singer songwriter delivering music for the masses with groovy beats, hooky songs, relatable lyrics and great musicianship. Her vocals are raw and edgy – perhaps best described as Sass Jordan meets Melissa Etheridge with sprinklings of a young Deborah Harry. She’s one to watch – that’s for sure!”


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Alternative