Music is their soap box, message is what drives them. Jenesia is quickly becoming one of the most emotion-evoking, story-telling pop groups to ever rise out of Western Canada. Their pop musicality is coloured by soulful blues guitar and a hint of jazz. Combining elements of rock and folk, their diverse influences range from John Mayer, Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin and The Civil Wars. Since forming in 2015, Jenesia has played over 300 live shows across Western Canada. Their seasoned stage presence shines through their captivating studio recordings. The passion goes far beyond making hit songs: Jenesia writes to encourage and inspire others towards justice. After surviving nearly a decade of childhood sexual abuse, Jenesia’s Alexander David aims to bring awareness to the growing epidemic. Their catchy melodies and skillful musical instrumentation make them the voice for the voiceless. Jenesia is the pop group that the world needs to hear.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Pop