Hungry Hollow


​Hailing from Edmonton Alberta, Hungry Hollow is an energetic, Alternative Rock band armed with a clearly defined sound and the heart to go with it. Influenced by great artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Oasis, The Tragically Hip and Sloan, their live set not only plays off the tones of 90’s inspired rock, but truly adds warmth and belonging to any room. Throughout the years, Hungry Hollow has prided themselves on both the friendships that have formed within the band and the intertwining network they hold close to them. With a sound that is unique to their own, Hungry Hollow looks to push the boundaries of Alternative Rock and increase their already dedicated following in the Canadian Music Scene.
With their awarded FACTOR grant, Hungry Hollow recorded two singles at Velveteen Audio that were released in mid and late 2018). Hungry Hollow has big plans for 2019 with new content, a new brand, and a new show. Hungry Hollow invites you into their living room…come relax and stay awhile.
WALK (out June 15th, 2019) will be Hungry Hollow’s 3rd studio album in 5 years. Their goal with WALK is to show their fans that they’re growing both as musicians, and as people. Plans change, new ideas and inspirations come around, and they are embracing it all with open arms. With this collection of songs Hungry Hollow will immerse their listeners into a whole new world and invite you to see how they see it from the inside out.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Rock