Garth Prince


Prince is a gifted vocalist, drummer, educator and recording artist who delivers exciting and engaging concerts and workshops that treat audiences to a taste of his native homeland in southern Africa. Joy radiates through his original songs and his arrangements of traditional folk songs, taking listeners on a musical safari.

His latest children’s album with picture-book garnered him a nomination for Children’s Artist of the Year in the Western Canadian Music Awards of 2021 and Canadian Folk Music Awards of 2022. Thousands of families and educators around the globe enjoy his music videos featuring teachings to his own two children. He continues to produce music that preserves the cultural heritage of Africa for future generations and helps non-Africans discover exotic languages, cultural insight and musical tales from across the Motherland.

Vibrant, colourful and unforgettable, Garth Prince is making a positive impact – one concert at a time.​


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  N/A