Dusty Dee Litchfield


Imagine a simpler way of life. You have what you need; nothin’ more, nothin’ less (most years). You’re sitting on the front porch, watching the sun slowly fade into the horizon. There’s a familiar song playin’ on that old AM radio: the one your grandpa gave you for your birthday when you turned 10. Your toe starts tapping along with the beat; almost instinctively. You never told it to, it just did. That song sure does sound familiar, but you just can’t seem to remember the name of it. Then the announcer’s voice comes hissing over the radio speaker “How do you like that folks, that’s the new song by the young cowboy, Dusty Dee!”

Dusty Dee has a familiar, toe tapping sound; it won’t take long before you’re singing along. Songs to dance to. Songs to sing along with. Songs that tell a story. Songs about home. “Dusty Dee has a distinctive voice and a quirky sense of humor … as well as a knack for telling a good story” – Richard Amery, LABeat.ca.


industry role:  Songwriter
genre:  Country



EMAIL:  dustydee@gmail.com