Danny Floyd Cole


Sharing an intimate portrait of personal experience and emotions with his songs and stories, Danny always brings a heartfelt performance to every stage he visits. With over two decades of performing live original music in Alberta, and abroad, he is no stranger to sharing about life experience through song.

From bandleader/manager, producer/engineer, to front man & accompanist, his strong musical foundation allowed him to develop his abilities in a variety of different roles. Today, along with his production company he operates an intimate home recording studio, and has recently been expanding his understanding of sound healing and music therapy, working primarily with adults with special needs and those in recovery from addiction.

From music and communication to martial arts instruction and connecting with nature, Danny has a passion for life that is multifaceted. His recently released solo album, Dream Your Destiny, is an offering of heart based songs that are woven together with acoustic guitars and feature accompaniment from some of Canada’s top musicians including Shaun Verreault, Chad Melchert, Travis Switzer, Matthew Atkins, Dustin Roy, Dan Shinnan and more. Navigating the challenges and triumphs of a life in recovery from addiction and returning to the Source of creative energy with a willingness to be of service, has brought this project to life and continues to inspire the development of this artist and his future.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Folk