Dani Moon


Dani was born in Tucson, Arizona and moved to Bragg Creek, Alberta when she was 6. Her stepfather, Thom Moon, is a drummer and raised her around music. Thom played mainly with Ian Tyson then, and Dani remembers singing along to Ian in front of the mirror in their log cabin. Dani took Theatre Arts in college, where she met musician
John McLean. Together, with Thom Moon, they formed McLean and Moon, making the album Between 11th and 10th in 2002. Dani and Thom later made the album Big Schemes Little Dreams, in 2004. After releasing Big Schemes Little Dreams, Dani travelled to Europe where she met her ex-husband Morgan in Paris. She quickly moved to Paris and lived in France for 5 1/2 years, 9 months of which were in Brazzaville, Congo. Dani truly started writing when she started travelling.
She wrote songs while walking the streets of Paris, and then years later walking the streets and paths of Bragg Creek after she and Morgan moved in 2009. She continued writing songs through her pregnancy with triplets, meeting first with musician Tim Jeffery and later with musician Dave Hamilton to further develop them. The songs of Thread Count and those of her next album, New Light Shining, were written over the span of a decade, along with her first novel The Waterdish Dogs.


industry role:  Artist/Band
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