Crislyne began her musical journey at the age of two by banging on a toy piano shaped like a dinosaur. Not long after, she discovered her voice could get people to listen by telling stories in a melodious way. She then went as far as studying musical theatre at a fine arts school (think the movie/tv show ‘Fame’) and going to Uni for music.

When a tumour reared it’s ugly head in her throat, she began recording thinking these could be her swan songs. Luckily, after pleading with her doctor to not sever her vocal chords (a high probable risk when taking a big ol’ lump out of your neck), she kindly did not cleave them, which gave her a new start in her musical voyage.

Although, her voice has changed, there is absolutely more emotional strength behind the songs she’s singing. She is continuing to work on recording, performing and writing her own songs.

She welcomes you into what she has learnt so far and she looks forward to making new discoveries on her artistic endeavors. She wants you to feel the words she sings, whether they cause you to sob on the kitchen floor or they make you shake your groove thang in your bedroom. She is grateful and thankful that you are here to listen and hopes that you will hear her heart when she sings to you.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Easy Listening