Cort Bulloch


My musical career spans over 10 years beginning with public performances supporting my first independent CD release in 2004. I began primarily as a solo singer/songwriter touring the cafe and pub circuits then to performing in folk club’s and festivals. My career moved into musical theatre and into choral work with Revv52, and to most recently taking my musical knowledge into the human services field, providing safe and supportive experiences for those less fortunate to be part of something bigger; the creation and production of music. My musical career continues through each of these facets of creative outlets.
Predominately working on vocal delivery and rhythm guitar on songs. My original music resides in the American form of folk, blues, country, rock and pop. My sense of melodies come from the time playing the trumpet in school band for 5 years and is combined with my song writing process that examines emotions that can be whimsical and humorous or with sense of melancholy, loneliness or adventure; An introversion that stirs from growing up in a tiny town on the great northern plains.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Singer/Songwriter