Cheyanne Summer


At the intersection of rock and roll, alternative, indie, R&B and country lies Cheyanne Summer. As a musical omnivore and passionate songstress, Cheyanne has been hearing and interpreting diverse genres since she decided to sing, which imbues a timeless quality to her music and encourages a broad variety of collaborators, styles, and production techniques with every release.

Despite her folksy roots, she’s not afraid to make bold creative decisions, which leads to a sultry, moody, jazz-inflected hip hop tune like iSpy; conversely, she can turn on her alternative charm with a song like Circles, an emotive and vulnerable song which takes her vocals all over her expressive soprano range.

Beyond musical recordings and performance, Cheyanne Summer has been a regular in digital print and on the radio, with features from CBC Radio 1 to The Calgary Guardian to 10at10 Calgary, and radio play on CJSW, X92.9, and CKUA. Thanks to her hustle and drive she’s found herself co-producing and curating festivals such as Inspire Fest 2022, and co-founding a label, Peach Jam Records, to further entrench herself into the business side of the music industry.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Alternative