CALL 9-1-1!


The band “CALL 9-1-1!” likes touring festivals in summer and wants to showcase in the USA more. After 2 years playing outdoor festivals in Alberta in 2022 and 2023, Vinny and Larry moved to Memphis, Tennessee in early December 2023 for inspiration.They would like to win a Grammy in the next few years!
Lil ol Larry has been entertaining friends, family, and fans since he was about 2 years old. He plays guitar in the band CALL 9-1-1! and is joined by Vinny Vacation on bombastic bass and Dae the smart one on monster Drums. Vinnie is laid back and rock solid on stage. got roots firmly planted in stuff like Funk, Jazz and Blues. Dae has an arsenal of tricks for making the drums sound like exploding bombs. While still in music school, we can only tour in the summer months right now because school starts in September.
The band “CALL 9-1-1!” recorded the hit “Cheeze Toast”, a James Brown influenced song back in 2022. It included the incomparable Peter Fisher, Dave Babcock and Bob Tildsley on horns. Cheeze toast is the poor man’s Grilled Cheese man! Fans have requested this song almost every time we play on stage.
It’s the first single ever for the band. A silly song that has been known to make people hungry when they hear it. It had some radio play on stations in Canada and was also released in the USA about the same time.
The band keeps a repertoire of about 40 songs and composes them whenever there is time. About 7 new songs were just recorded at the Twylight Living Room Studio in Edmonton last summer. They still need some more work and funding, before they are ready for release. “CALL 9-1-1!” can also play dozens of new and old covers.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Blues