Brooke Wylie


Brooke Wylie is a uniquely Canadian roots singer/songwriter born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Boasting three full length albums under her belt to date, Brooke is set to release a brand new handful of songs, in an EP called “Part One”, on September 13, 2019 . These songs were arranged with her wonderful Calgary band, The Brooke Wylie Band. This group of powerful musicians includes Garth Kennedy (keys), Jay Bowcott (lead guitar), Ben Jackson (drums) and borrowed from Lethbridge, they welcomed Paul Holden on bass.

With a signature voice and beautifully crafted songs, Brookes’ distinct style of music and quirky tales about love, her take on social issues and the Canadian landscape now span three and a half albums and performances all throughout Canada.

Brooke’s performances are all about entertainment, delivering big, fun songs along with stories and laughter. Featuring her remarkable voice, Brooke’s songwriting is simple yet deeply personal, and set to music that ranges from foot-stompin’ barn-burners to heart-breaking ballads, to thoughtful reflections of human life experience.

Beyond singing and performing, Brooke loves nothing more than making connections and networking with musicians and musician types all over this country. You’ll see her out regularly supportive live music wherever she happens to be.

Originally from Calgary (Alberta), Brooke lived in Edinburgh (Scotland) and Winnipeg (Manitoba) before returning to Calgary in 2017 for a new start, new band and new stories to write. She is excited to be releasing new music for the first time since 2013!


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Singer/Songwriter