Halcyon Loop


Did you ever wish you could have seen a band like Soundgarden, or The Beatles or Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins or S Club 7 in a small club before they were famous? Well, now’s your chance.

Just three individuals with diverse musical backgrounds. IgT knew drummer Brandon played in awesome Edmonton punk band, The Dead Fibers. The two worked in the same building and one day, IgT asked Brandon if he would be interested in playing with him.

That was March of 2022. Since, the band has had a shotgun start playing shows around Edmonton and Alberta. With a number of shows played, the lads are off to a stellar start.

The recent addition of Cian Homeniuk on guitar from the wonderful Wax Duplex in January 2023 has been a natural fit.

Recording a debut album has started. Drums are down, vocals and bass are in the can. Hopefully in the coming weeks the guitars will be added, then it’s mixing.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Alternative



PHONE:  7802404020
EMAIL:  c4jurgen@hotmail.com