Bliss Carmxn


Bliss Carmxn is the current project of Canadian-born writer and musician Adam Kaasa, artist on Wicked Hag in Berlin. His track ‘Alone Together’ appears on Wicked Hag records’ second release, ‘Crush Fiction’ (2017). Bliss’ music is described as unashamed dream-pop with electro, disco and folk roots. Composed on the piano, the songs are full of endless hooks layered with deep bass, curated beats, and powerful vocals.
Bliss is a queer performer with a prairie soul. He performs live as a solo act, and collaborates across performance and dance-theatre, most recently in London’s performance salon Velvet Fools (2017). Based in London, UK, he is the author of ‘Uncommon Building’ (Spirit Duplicator Press, 2017) and an architectural researcher at the Royal College of Art. In 2012 he co-founded the international urban culture centre, Theatrum Mundi, which he directed between 2015-17.
Demo releases include ‘This Is Me’ (EP, 2017) written, performed, recorded and produced in a week in April 2017. It’s a six-song EP as a snapshot. A whole fragment. ‘Tile’ (2016) is a two-part project transcribing mosaic tile patters from Eastbourne, UK and from Hamilton, Canada into two four-song albums.
He’s worked across New York, London, Berlin, Toronto, Mexico City, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Venice, Copenhagen and Beijing.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Pop