Barry Gilmour


Barry Gilmour is a singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and project recording studio owner/operator. Barry lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Barry was born and began his music career in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and has been involved in the Canadian music industry as a live performer and songwriter for many years. This is Barry’s first electronic release. When asked what kind of music he likes to listen to and write, Barry said, ” I love listening to all genre of music, however, when it comes to my writing I like to write songs that have meaningful lyrics and memorable melodies. One uses music in many different ways: to dance, to celebrate, to study with, to relax, to work, and to drive, and for so many other things. I like to write songs that touch people just enough that they will relax for those three minutes or so while my song is playing, and that it takes them to a happy place and time in their lives.”


industry role:  Songwriter
genre:  Other



PHONE:  587-989-6592