Bailey Kate


Solace is often found within the juxtaposing elements of human nature. However, we often become lost in the balancing act. With the release of her latest EP Electric Moments [2019], recorded live at Green Recording Company, Lethbridge based singer-songwriter Bailey Kate seamlessly binds home-grown familiarity with delicate sonic complexity. Her introspective song writing evokes feelings of comfort in a world of light and dark. Accompanied by guitarist Joel Gray (Starpainter, Jon Martin and Lovers, The Silkstones, Max Hopkins), Logan Amon (The Moon Runners), Mickey Hayward (Cope, Starpainter, Atomicos), Joel Stretch (Starpainter, Jesse and the Dandelions) and Dylan Jerome Wagner (The Silkstones) Bailey Kate’s melodic vocals seem to dance on the dynamics of her performance.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Indie