Ariane Mahryke Lemire

Ariane Mahryke Lemire franco-albertan singer-songwriter. Photo by Tejal Patni


“Her sly mix of cabaret, folk and jazz reveals someone well-versed in playing with musical forms and pushing song writing limits.” David Berry, music journalist

“I love to listen to Ariane’s music; whether in English or French, her voice and musicality weave a spell. Her work is easy to like and rewards her fans with a satisfying depth beyond the straightforward beauty that is her music’s first impression. I could listen to Ariane all day.” Anna Marie Sewell, Edmonton Poet Laureate 2011-2013

The exploratory and adventurous music of Franco-Albertan Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire is an organised chaos. Her vivid lyrics and the melodies that carry them create folk-poetry with notes of rock, beatnik, and at times a little something country. With an authentic and natural stage presence, her light anecdotes and intimate avowals, she invites audiences to journey between laughter and sighs.

Through her participation in events such as the Festival en chanson de Petite Vallée in Gaspésie, the Coup de Coeur francophone in Montreal, the Rencontres d’Astaffort in France, and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics she has become a seasoned musician.

Four time nominee and two time winner of a Western Canadian Music Award, Ariane is a prominent figure in both the English and French music communities of Western Canada. In the summer of 2017, she was an artist in residence at the National Music Centre in Calgary where she was able to explore new works and deliver a workshop performance. She is also no stranger to East bound travel. Notable appearances include Les Constellation Francophone alongside Zachary Richard in Dieppe (New Brunswick), the Place des arts in Montreal, and having an artist profile (which included live performances) on TFO’s television show Balade a Toronto which was awarded a Trille Or.

Whether performing for a small crowd in a coffee shop, or on a large outdoor stage for events such as Canada Day and New Year’s Eve, Ariane invites us to kick off our shoes and delve into her poetic, quirky, and touching universe.

« Le monde singulier de cette artiste est composé d’humour, de candeur, d’intensité et de sensibilité. Elle chante et raconte les choses sans détour, comme elle les entend, ressent et observe avec parfois une pointe d’ironie, de dérision et de théâtralité. » Magasine Les Déferlantes

« Ce que j’aime bien de l’auteure-compositrice-interprète Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire, est le goût
d’aventure. Tout comme ses premiers albums, avec Je deviens le loup, elle ose explorer les
différentes sonorités qu’elle peut utiliser pour accompagner des textes bien écrits. On écoute du
Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire pour les jeux de guitares intéressants, des mélodies captivantes et des
textes profonds livré par une belle voix mielleuse. » Marc Lalonde, Radio Can-Rock

« Sur scène, Ariane est une dentelle fine et vulnérable avec des jets d’eau d’émotions d’intensités variées. » Camille Antaya-Pelletier, metteur en scène


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Folk