Andrea Kotylak-Boyd


I am the operating partner of the Starlite Room & River City Revival House, creator of the Starlite Sessions, partner of ConcertWorks & Be Seen Street Team. With over 20 years experience working within live events, hospitality and nightlife, I created the Starlite Sessions with the intention of bridging the gaps within the live music ecosystem, creating an inclusive digital experience to aid in the development of emerging artists, building fan bases beyond artist’s local regions, all the while creating travel, tourism, employment and economic growth within the arts and cultural communities of Edmonton and Alberta.

Starlite Sessions hopes by developing an inclusive digital music and arts community and culture; economic growth, employment, and revenue in the live music and arts community will increase by expanding youth retention and attracting tourism.


industry role:  Services/Other
genre:  N/A



PHONE:  7809961778