K-DAYS at Northlands

deadline : April 1, 2019 4:00 pm

Event Date: July 19-28, 2019

Edmonton, AB

This application includes 3 different performance opportunities. You must be an Alberta Music member to apply. Please use the email address associated with your Alberta Music membership on the application form, as this is how we identify you in our system. These are all paid performance slots, courtesy of Northlands (https://www.northlands.com/).

1. An Alberta Music member will be chosen to open for selected South and North Stage performances at K-Days. The genre/s you select will determine which slots you will be considered for. These performances take place from July 19 – July 28, 2019.

2. This application also includes the Alberta Music showcase at K-Days which will take place on July 27th from 2pm to 10pm.

3. The theme of the K-Days parade this year is “Alberta Music.” There will also be slots available for performers to participate in the K-Days Parade on July 19th, by performing on floats. This may require an acoustic or “stripped down” version of your set, as not every float can accommodate a full band.

“Each year Northlands’ K-Days, Edmonton’s largest summer festival, is proud to bring Northern Alberta a world class musical lineup on each night of the fair. This year is no exception as we’ve put together another amazing list of acts and now thanks to our partnership with Alberta Music, which is now in its second year, we’re giving Alberta musicians the opportunity to share our mainstage with them. Whereas in the past, most shows have had touring acts as support, this year wherever possible, we’ve decided to reserve that spot on the bill specifically for Alberta Musicians. This opportunity is open to all members of Alberta Music. Alberta Music will work with Northlands to provide the best possible musical acts for each show.
Further to this, Northlands is very excited about the turning over an entire afternoon and evening on one of its mainstages during the fair to showcase the best of Alberta’s musicians. Again, thanks to Alberta Music, one day of talent and entertainment will be entirely curated by the organization to show that Alberta musicians are amongst the best in the world. We’re excited about the opportunity, we hope you are too!”