FACTOR Juried Sound Recording, or Artist Development

deadline : January 31, 2019 12:00 am

Event Date: 

FACTOR’s Juried Sound Recording (JSR) program contributes toward the cost of acquiring, producing and marketing a full length album. Submissions are assessed by an independent jury of music industry professionals. The JSR program funds a portion of the cost of production of an original full-length sound recording, and contributes to the marketing and promotion of that sound recording under the Marketing, Tour Support, Showcase, Radio Marketing, and Video components.

FACTOR’s Artist Development Program offers a $2,000 subsidy toward one year of artist development activities including sound recording, touring & showcasing, video production, marketing and promotion. These activities must be detailed in an Artist Development Plan, which will be submitted to FACTOR as a required element of the application. At the end of the Artist Development year, successful applicants are required to deliver to FACTOR one new, previously unreleased, professional quality sound recording, called the Delivery Track.

For more info and how to apply, CLICK HERE.

If you are a FIRST TIME APPLICANT, you must submit at least 7 days before the application deadline.

Deadlines for application occur every January, May and September.