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How can I share my music with CBC audiences?

CBC is no longer accepting hard copy CDs to the music library. Interested in sharing your music with them? There are two ways to do so!

  1. Via theCBCMusic Library by emailing music.library@cbc.ca

Please indicate the specific CBC Radio 2 or CBC Radio One program you want your submission to be considered for by indicating in the subject line of your email: “Attention: [Program Name]”

You can submit electronically directly to the Music Library with the following:

  • Attached digital file (WAV format preferred) or downloadable links with album art, and liner notes that list artist, composer and production credits
  • Artist biography and/or media kit with contact information

Once the Library receives your submission, it will be reviewed for possible future programming on the relevant programs. Your submission will also be made available to all other CBC Music producers.

  1. CBCMusic Artist Pages

To get your music heard across CBC Music platforms, create a profile and upload your music to the CBC Music artist pages

* Please note that the exclusive purpose of music.library@cbc.ca is to make your submitted music available to CBC Radio One and CBC Radio 2 programs for consideration. The account will not reply to requests for radio play or to questions concerning radio play.