BANFF CENTRE: Sound Technician Practicum

deadline : January 29, 2020 12:00 am

Event Date: April 06 - September 08, 2020


Reinforce and hone basic skills and practical problem solving while working with a wide range of sound technology (including state of the art and legacy systems) in a safe, inclusive environment.

You will be responsible for setting your own goals and learning objectives as part of the program, with encouragement and support from a network of mentors. These mentors will provide insight into the demands of the workplace with advice and guidance on how to advance within the industry.

What does the program offer?

While living in the picturesque Canadian Rockies, you will act as a member of the Sound Team, learning the core skills required to become a sound technician, and helping to ensure the smooth delivery of Banff Centre production needs. This will include programming and operating consoles during performances, learning how to properly maintain and care for both current and legacy equipment, and incorporating industry standards of safety and conduct.

As you work through individual projects and gain practical experience in a professional environment, you will define your learning outcomes with support from your mentors. You will also have opportunities to engage with visiting artists to expand your knowledge base and professional network.

Who should apply?

Are you looking to develop your skills and capabilities, with an interest in specializing in sound as a profession? We are seeking applicants with formal theatre technical training from an accredited institution, or equivalent work experience with a passionate interest in the performing arts industry.

Applicants will be able to demonstrate strong organizational aptitude, be computer literate, and have an interest in exploring theatre, music, and live performance technologies.

Participants will be required to supply their own Class 1, C.S.A. approved safety footwear, and show blacks in good repair and free of logos.