Encoding Tracks for Radio: Mediabase and Nielsen BDS

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You most likely know about IRSC encoding. (If you don’t, visit this site: https://connectmusic.ca/isrc.aspx)

But one thing you might not be aware of is that all your songs released to radio should also be encoded at Mediabase and Nielsen BDS. It’s simple to do, you’ll just need to email them the mp3’s at the links below.

Encoding on these sites ensures that any spins that may have occur at chart-monitored stations get captured and count towards the charts. It also allows you to see which stations may have spun the single.

Even if you don’t foresee your song necessarily getting picked up by commercial or satellite radio, you should still take this step, just in case!

Here are the links:




Thank you to Bill Miller, of Sharp 9 Music, for today’s tip!